Current News

​​Catch the latest upgrades and announcements from Party Express DJ Entertainment here. New services. New lights. New systems and audio equipment. This is the place to find out all about everything new with PEDJS as well as our Facebook page.

March 2017 --
20th Anniversary Tour! The party has been rolling for two decades! A lot of the music has changed and the technology has vastly improved.. but everyone still loves a good party!

September 2015 --

Speaker upgrades... Two new Peavey 1200 watt speakers have arrived and will make their debut. We've been using these speakers recently and decided it's time to phase out some more of the older models and complete the recent upgrade.

August 2015 --
Website re-launch. New hosting company with more reliable uptime so Terry decided to do a few updates to keep everything up-to-date and looking great.

February 2015 --

An Uplight Explosion!!!  We now have an impressive 20 up-lights to really set the stage.  We have added 10 battery operated lights available we can place lights anywhere without the burden on needing to place lengthy cords or attempting to locate available outlets. Just another way that we continue to enhance your experience.

January 2014 --
We are excited for our many new changes for 2014. An entirely new wedding display... polished stainless steel truss towers will be paired with up-lights and synchronized digital LED roving spot lights.

     Newly redesigned website brings many changes for our couples.  Including photo slideshows, better FaceBook access, easier access for guests to request songs, and cleaner more elegant look.  Also new to the site is PayPal payment options, and digital contracts which will allow us to get the dates locked in faster without the use of the mail.

June 2013 --
New speaker system gives Party Express a new elegant look for its small events and weddings.  The new system will be able to be set up for small ceremonys, private parties and an add on to the larger wedding system currently in use today.

February 2012 -- 
We added a fantastic new mixer board this month... a sweet new Denon MC-6000 mixer that will provide more seamless song transitions and a continuous club beat.  New to the website is our Event Planning software to help eliminate the use of paper forms that required our couples to mail back before the wedding.

October 2011 --
Introduces "Minute to Win it" Challenges!  We now offer an alternative to the Dollar Dances with a Party Express Exclusive "Minute to Win It Challenge". Be sure to ask for details. Competitions between the Bride & Groom have never looked like this for any wedding.

August 2011 --
More New Lights Coming Soon!!! Time to do some more system upgrades! Replacing 1 light and adding some new ones. Starting in September we will be adding a Dual Gem Pulse and a Chauvet Trident. The trident shoots color changing LED beams in 3 directions and syncs to the beat of the music. The Dual Gem Pulse sets out a dual spread of 137 LED color shifting light beams, including 45 stobing white beams! This light is also synced with the beat and when paired with the Trident, and the rest of the PEDJS light show, it will certainly blow you away!

January 2011 --
Uplighting takes on new look! Uplighting has been a huge hit, and now it gets better! Some of the competition has finally copied what we started and we won't be outdone. With these new LED lights Party Express has better control of the lights, color, placement in a room or by objects. Stepping up to brighter, with a dimmer for lighter, and more decorative control for that extra flair. Be sure to ask for the new UPLIGHTING PACKAGE for your event.

October 2010 --
New redesigned Website launched Well it's been about 7 or 8 years (maybe even longer) since the Party Express online website was first launched. Since then there have been many areas needed to be changed, such as a Client Resources area where Brides can log in and edit the details of there wedding with ease, better photo albums, and easier website maintenance and updates. My brother Terry has been working many nights the last 2 weeks in designing, programming and re-developing the new site... hopefully it will save a bundle on stamps and envelopes!

August 2010 --
Even more LED's! I guess I've been having too much fun trying out all of these new LED lights... so I bought another really cool piece. It has three high- power LEDs, producing an optical explosion of light in the room. Each beam of light seamlessly transitions through different colors and move with the music...

July 2010 --
More LED Lights arrived! We are about 90% LED now! These new LED light bars are spectacular. They use much less power, produce less heat, and no more changing lightbulbs. I guess that makes PEDJS more "Environmentally Friendly". These new light-bars have replaced the old "Par-Can" style lights that we had for many years. Yes they do blink.. (they even strobe!) for those of you that like blinking lights... but they also add an entire new dimension to the ever-expanding Party Express light show by cycling the entire light bar through a wide range if different colors and effects - something that was not possible with the old lights that required a single lightbulb with a colored film to set a specific color, washing the entire area in color.

June 2010 --
2010 - A-ListParty Express named as a finalist for the "KCRG A-List"! Party Express DJ Services was named as a finalist in the 2010 KCRG A-List. After several weeks of on-line voting, Party Express finished in 5th place after climbing as high as #1 in early voting. Among the finalists, it should be noted that of the top finishers, Party Express placed the highest among all DJ's located outside of the heavily populated areas (with lots of voters) in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Thank you to all of our fans and supporters that nominated us and rallied everyone to get out and vote for Party Express this year! This was the first time Party Express was nominated. Whether it was by e-mail, phone calls, or through facebook. The support we received was tremendous. We are truly honored as a top 5 finisher and look to improve even more next year!

April 2010 --
Party Express Nominated to KCRG's A-List! Party Express has been nominated to KCRG's A-List in the "Wedding: Music" category! Voting runs through the end of May! Please log-on and vote for us!

March 2010 --
St. Patty's Day Parade in Dyersville Party Express' float receives a 2nd place finish. The theme of the float was simple --- Party like the Irish! With the help of Rubes Firehouse, We threw out plenty of candy, and dozens of beads. We could be spotted blocks away with high pressure confetti cannons to give that extra creative touch. Confetti wasn't the only thing flying through the air, as Party Express, Envision Tee's and Chad's Pizza also launched T-shirts and koozies with a hand held launcher.

January 2009 --

Winner of Brides Choice Award! Party Express wins Brides Choice Award through Wedding Wire & Martha Stewart Weddings starting in 2009 and continued through 2010!

January 2008 --
Party Express introduces Uplighting! Uplighting is soon to be the biggest new trend in Northeast Iowa! Party Express is the first company in the area to offer Uplighting as a option for any event. The lights are pointed up so the corresponding beams of light highlight the wall and shoot towards the ceiling. The effect can be quite dramatic and can help define a space and add color and dimension to an area. Usually several fixtures are placed at a low position around the room, at the bottom of a wall or a set of columns for instance. Uplighting is especially useful when there are no decorations allowed on the walls, there is little or no ambient light or an area needs to be made to stand out from its surroundings.