Party Express DJs will conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times throughout your reception. If you feel we need to be aware of any sensitive information regarding your event, family, or guests, please let us know.

Anything Else We Should Know?

If you are having a video presentation, a singer, musicians, fraternity/sorority serenade, centerpiece giveaway, or any other personalized additions that will make your party unique please list them. We will offer suggestions regarding the sequence and timing of these special touches.

The Sequence Of Events

As entertainment professionals, we are experts at helping you plan the best sequence for all the events and formalities. While you may get ideas from others, your Master of Ceremonies is uniquely qualified to create the perfect sequence for you. One that flows smoothly from one event to the next, while maximizing guests enjoyment and participation. If you are planning a tentative agenda with any other wedding professionals (caterer, photographer, coordinator, etc) please call us. We will be happy to share with you our professional expertise that will help you customize the very best party.


Unlike many other service professionals, we do not contractually add service charges or gratuities. After considering the advanced pre-planning with your MC, the level of service and quality of presentation, along with your overall enjoyment, we believe you should decide for yourself what level of gratuity, if any, you would like to give. As a reference, a tip of 10% - 15% is most common.

Food & Drink

Vendor meals are often available for us without the additional cost being incurred by you. We will make this arrangement with the banquet staff upon our arrival.

Timeline of Events

Grand Entrance

  • Imagine the cheers and applause as you enter the reception area for the first time as husband and wife, to that 1 special song that really portrays your excitement.   This is your chance to shine, have fun with it.

It's Time For The Toast!

  • What would a Wedding reception be without a nervous Best man trying to decide at the last minute what he is going to say during his toast? At many receptions the toast follows the meal. However, we do recommend doing the toast before the meal. After the champagne has been poured, we will have a wireless microphone available for your best man, maid of honor, fathers, or any others to say a few words. We strongly discourage open toasting. This can be a slow and awkward process that drastically impacts the smooth flow of your reception.


  • After the toast, dinner usually is served. After the newlyweds finish their meal, they usually visit their guests. This post-meal time is also sometimes used by their Photographer to capture a few additional formal pictures prior to the start of the dancing. During this time also gives us a chance to play the Shoe Game (optional) to help break up that long dinner hour.

First Dance

  • All of the attention is focused on the dance floor. The first few notes of your special song begin to play as you begin to share your first dance as husband and wife. The Bride and Groom always select a song for their first dance. It should be a song that has special meaning to both of you. Plus your photographer will have an opportunity to get some great intimate pictures.

Father/Daughter Dance

  • One of the most traditional events at the reception is the moment the father of the bride dances with his daughter. This special song can also include the groom with his mother. Traditionally, the Father/Daughter dance follows the Bride and Groom's first dance. However, we recommend doing the Mother/Son Dance first. Following with the Father/Daughter Dance. This set up makes it easier to proceed on to the Bouquet toss without calling out for the Bride again.

Garter, Bouquet

  • There are many ways this can be done, your Party Express event planner will give you the options at your final consultation.

Other Spotlight Dance

  • For some brides, a special dance with a Stepfather, Uncle, Brother, or close family friend is done in lieu of, or in addition to, a parents dance. Also this is a good time for an Anniversary Dance. Your Party Express event planner will give you options at your final consultation.

Wedding Party Dance

  • As it is typical to use a slow song for the Wedding Party Dance, I recommend using something more upbeat, or a song that everyone can sing along with. The wedding party is made up of friends and family of the couple and not necessary couples. This sets the tone for the dance to begin.

It's Time To Have Fun!

  • Whether it's a timeless love song or a motivating party favorite, it is now time to get you and your guest up and dancing. While your guests were eating we were carefully observing them to determine how we will start the party. Depending on the music and party dances you choose to have played at your wedding reception we will usually start off with one of them. You may also break the ice with a couple of kids songs to start off the night.

Money Dance / Minute to Win It Challenge (optional)

  • If you decide to do a money dance, your MC will announce it as an opportunity for your friends and family to share a special dance with the bride or groom. The MC will ask the best man and maid of honor to assist the couple. They will help ensure the timely flow of the guest and collect the money. If you would like to try a Challenge I offer a 2nd option that takes up less time, earns more cash and keeps your guest entertained. Ask for details.

Last Dance

  • For your finale you can choose from a variety of songs to end your reception with. Party Express is also known for an encore song requested by your guests (if the venue allows). In the event that would happen you can also pick a group song that will have your guests leaving the evening with the thought of the best wedding ever.

Wedding Dance

We suggest that Brides & Grooms-to-be carefully listen to the suggestions from their wedding professionals (caterer, photographer, videographer, and DJ). These experts can offer solid advice based on many years of experience. They can also recommend other vendors, based on their professional experience at previous wedding ceremonies and receptions.

We can appreciate the planning and preparation it takes to pull off an amazing event. We know that every event wants to set itself apart and be unique. Lighting can accomplish this. It is our belief that UpLighting can transform the look of any room like nothing else can. Envision a visual explosion of light and sound created just for you. Allow us to set the mood and produce the magic that will surround you.

It's more than "just music", in fact you are offered an experience! You will experience that warm, tingling feeling you get in your heart when your new husband leans toward you and whispers "I love you" as you are announced to make your grand entrance. You will get chills when you hear the familiar music and you are asked to partake in your first dance as husband and wife. You will partake in a dance environment where every song is precisely aligned with the mood of the moment, capturing the spirit of the event while seizing the opportunity to make it memorable.

Imagine being stress free at your wedding reception. That's what we do for our brides. You can relax and enjoy as our experienced Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremonies and Event Coordinator will make sure you will feel like a guest at your own wedding reception.

Whichever level you choose, your guests will be dancing the night away and having the time of their life. Our level of interaction can be conservative (announcements only), outgoing (limited guest interaction), or anywhere in between. Even at our most outgoing level we remain totally professional and never steal the spotlight!

Whether your wedding will be at the most exclusive hotel, or at a beautiful outdoor reception, Party Express is the right choice!

Sensitive Subjects

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