Are you insured? Why should I be concerned if a DJ is insured?

YES. For weddings and large events there is a 50% down payment required to reserve your date. Party Express is in the business of providing high quality entertainment and will book all available dates. We continue to remain at the top professionally by being profitable and scheduling as many available dates as possible while remaining reasonably priced.

There is this great new song on the radio... do you have it?

YES. DEFINITELY! I have personally seen this happen to other DJ's... and have even helped bail one out already at a wedding that I was attending as a guest... I couldn't let an old friend's wedding be ruined by an unprepared DJ.
     My backup equipment is available ON SITE at all events and is available immediately in the event of an equipment malfunction. Most times I set up a dual system, both computer and standard CD equipment that can be operated together and independently. The last thing that I would want is for one of your greatest memories of your event to forever be a horrible reminder of an equipment malfunction.

YOU BET. With adequate advance notice I can provide you with an estimate for a variety of party favors for your guests for almost any themed party. Crowd favorites are always beads and a variety of glow sticks.  

Party Express uses only the best, top notch, professional DJ quality equipment to ensure the highest quality sound and technical performance. Our light show is THE BEST in the area with the use of Intelligent lighting effects to "Wow your Crowd". We use an assortment of strobes, lasers, and incredible high action LED lighting and a very large uplighting display (the first and best in the Tri-States) and recently added display of LED animated spot lights and truss towers.

Party Express does book often and early. We are almost always booked for dates as far as 2 years in advance. Be sure to contact Party Express directly, by calling (563-599-6422) to see if your date is available. Unfortunately we cannot book every event that comes our way... although we wish we could! However in the event that we are booked we have worked closely with another very experienced DJ in the local area since 2009. We would highly recommend for you to contact "Pulse Productions" in Dubuque, Iowa. John at Pulse Productions has many years of DJ experience, has a very well maintained professional dj system and also provides some excellent customer service with comparable pricing. His website is Be sure to mention that Randy at Party Express referred you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Party Express is FULLY insured with a company and policy that also covers many nationally known bands and their tours. Party Express is a professional business that does not gamble on cutting costs and taking chances by not being fully covered with liability insurance. 

Professionally produced original CD's currently provide some of the highest quality audio available with the exception of vinyl . MP3's are often a cut down digital format made to compact the audio into the smallest digital file for portability. By using a lower quality music format the sound quality on high performance equipment is diminished to mediocre at best. My best can not be mediorcre. Digital music files are of the highest quality MP3 and MP4 formats purchased legally or created digitally direct from the original manufactured disc. Additionally, Party Express does not condone piracy of music as is often a major concern with what you can expect from an abundance of low-quality DJ's that steal / "permanently borrow" mp3's from various sources online and elsewhere. Party Express respects all copyright laws by legally purchasing and owning all music.  Party Express is a member of TM Studios and Prime Cuts music services.

What's the difference between CD's and MP3's and does it matter?

What if you are booked already? Do you have recommendations for another DJ?

What type of equipment do you use for your events?

Are there any surcharges or hidden costs?

Do you require a downpayment?

For weddings and large events, please call (563-599-6422). If the date is available I will pencil it in and send you a contract in the mail or a digital contract via email. Once returned with your deposit, your date will be officially booked into the schedule and then added to our calendar and we will set you up with some online tools to help you plan your event. Party Express uses a legal contract to ensure that the event goes smoothly. The contract outlines the necessary electrical and space requirements, clarifies the legal rights for you the client and Party Express, services that Party Express will provide, and the verification that your date is booked into our schedule.  We do book up over a year or more in advance at times. Give us a call at 563-599-6422.

What is your travel area?

Do you have backup equipment in case of a mechanical or technical problem?

I'm throwing a themed party... Do you have party favors available?

I do not believe in hidden surcharges or additional fees. All charges are given clearly in writing up front in the contract that is sent. No need for a magnifying glass as there is no fine print! You will not receive any "SURPRISE" billings.

Party Express serves all of Northeast Iowa and into Northwest Illinois and Southwest Wisconsin.  To date, we have had events as far North as Waukon and Postville, Iowa, west to Waterloo, Cedar Rapids and down the corridor to Iowa City.  South we have traveled to Maquoketa and Dewitt and east we have been to Galena and Rockford Illinois.

    Party Express DJ Entertainment is based in Dyersville, Iowa. Travel to your event is included in your price quote to eliminate any surprise additional charges.

Most likely if it is on the radio, we have it. If we don't have it, and there is a Wi-Fi connection available, check back in 10 minutes as we locate the song and purchase it. If no Wi-Fi is currently available, we will almost certainly have it at our next event!

How do I reserve a date?  Is there a contract?